1st of August

August 1, 2015

Hey everybody!

And happy 1st August! I hope August will be a month full of fun, good memories and travel experiences! (As any month, actually 🙂 )

I managed to keep my promise regarding my weekly outfit posts! Err, this is the second post, but hey, it counts!


To start with, today’s outfit is really simple and super easy to be reproduced!

The top is a simplified traditional Romanian blouse that I got few years ago, the skirt is a vintage one that I have been wearing for five years already, the shoes are from fall, from H&M and the small black bucket bag is the latest little treasure I found recently!

All these added up make up a 9 to 5 outfit that I really love as it combined old things from my closet with more recent trends.

I’ll leave you with the photos!


jolie-laura-door-august-weekend-4 jolie-laura-door-august-weekend-3

Opinions are really appreciated, so do not hesitate to leave comments below!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily posts! @jolielaura

To Mum: Thank you for your patience with the photos! And for your willingness to let me try all my (sometimes crazy) ideas!

Have an amazing weekend!


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