5 reasons why you shouldn’t dye your hair

August 10, 2015

Hey everybody!

2014 and 2015 have been until now the years of crazy colored hair, neon highlights, ombre hairstyles, rainbow tips and so on.

However, one trend that has been going on forever is the blonde one.

Girls have been dyeing their hair blonde for as long as it was possible pretending that this way they can look sexier, easier to be around, funnier, hilarious and so on.

To start with, I completely disagree with girls that change their hair color. We were born with one natural hair color and for 99% of people that is the color that suits them best.

So why change something that is supposed to suit you best?

Sure, you want to do something for fun or you want to change your hair color to reflect better your personality.

But this ‘fun’ activity is actually something that is damaging your hair (there’s proof, you know).

I totally believe that there are better and healthier methods of having fun or of showing off your personality. You could change your appearance by trying a new way of dressing up, for example.


Here are the reasons why I won’t dye my hair any time soon (I’m not saying I will not dye it when it will start going white, that’s another story) and why you shouldn’t do it either:

1. It’s not healthy

Everybody’s hair has to deal with sun, dryness, hotness, dust, hair products, hair treatments and so on. Our hair has to suffer enough. So why to put a chemical product on it? Why attack it even more?

2. Your hair only gets one life. You can’t go to a shop to replace your hair. Therefore, you have to live peacefully with it because when you’ll actually NEED (not just want) to dye it (aka when you’ll get older), it will be too sensitive to any hair dye.

3. Dyeing your hair requires time, money and care

After almost one month of not dyeing your hair, your roots are visible and not at all aesthetic, which means you’ll have to visit a hair salon every month, which requires money. Money that you could spend on something else, like your education, your culture, new classes for your hobbies or a city break and so on.


4. Changing your hair color means changing everything

The most good-looking people on this planet have a staff that picks outfits for them according to their eye color, their skin tone and their hair color. Changing the last one means changing most of your wardrobe to suit you (obviously, there are few who do that, but that’s one of the reasons they continue to look good), your make-up style etc.

Are you really prepared for such thing?

5. A lot of people won’t recognize you 

Unless the Interpol is looking out for you, you have no reason to make yourself not recognizable. And I think I said here enough. 


Please consider your hair’s future health when thinking about changing its color.

However, if you do dye your hair, please be gentle and caring with it.

Have a hair to die for, not to dye for!


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