About a dear project: Atelierul de Panza

June 12, 2015

Hey everybody!


Today I want to talk about a local project that I love a lot: Atelierul de Panza.

Perhaps you don’t know them directly, but I’m sure you saw something made by them on Bucharest’s streets. Once you know where to look for their green mark attached on the side of the products, you’ll see it everywhere!

I got to meet them during a project and since then I have been wanting to help them with anything possible because they have impressed me a lot. I wanted to write here about them so as many people could hear about the beautiful things that a handful of people do.

Who are they?

They are a team of few people of which more than half have a handicap or social issues. Every month, thousands of bags and other products are being shipped from their atelier after being created by some very passionate and dedicated people.

What do they do?
Linen bags. Beautiful ones. Out of pure linen without paint or bleach. This material is being brought up from as close as possible in order to reduce the pollution. (How awesome is that?)
They also create pencil cases, backpacks, travel bags (you know, the bath ones you bring everywhere with you) and other products. A lot of these are also made from reusable materials, which would have otherwise gone to the trash.
Aren’t they amazing?
I’d like to tell you more about them, but I’ll leave some things for later too!
Until then, here is a couple of photos with a great linen bag with traditional Romanian symbols.
P.S. If you want to find out more about them or buy one of their products and you are in Bucharest on 12th,13th or 14th of June, make sure you go and check them out at Street Delivery!
P.P.S. You’ll find the gorgeous traditional ring here.

*The photos are taken by mum (who desperately wanted this detail to be known by everybody) in April so the leather jacket is justified.

See you at Street Delivery!


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