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Proactive and with a hands-on approach. Always thirsty for knowledge. I love making others happy, yet I am not a people-pleaser. In between a realist and an optimist. Owner of a very contagious laughter. Collage artist in my spare time. Wannabe globetrotter.  Future graduate of Media and Information, with a Business Minor. Currently based in Amsterdam, yet tomorrow may find me anywhere. Or at least that’s what I’m saying to myself.


I am available for freelance editorial work (check out the articles I have written for ELLE Romania so far), blog collaborations and digital media consultancy work. I specialize in helping small and medium sized companies better understand their online audience, find their online voice and use the right digital tools in order to communicate with their followers. The consultancy sessions are 1-to-1 and can happen online or face to face, depending on location. The sessions are fully customizable to suit any company’s necessities, from content brainstorming and planning to creating a coherent brand image for social media channels. You can get an idea of my experience by checking out my LinkedIn profile. I have previously lent my skills to magazines, a stylist, a fashion designer, a pilates studio, a website for coloring books for adults and more.

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