Bruges diary, guide and virtual tour

September 22, 2015

Hey everybody!

Here is a post that I loved doing. It’s about one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to: Bruges!

HOW TO GET THERE: by train from Brussels you make 1 hour and half (approx) and it will cost you around 10 euros (September 2015).

WHERE TO STAY: My recommendation is that you book a night there. You will refuse to leave the place, so you’ll need as much time there as possible. I promise.




WHAT TO SEE: Besides everything, you must explore Bruges’ narrow streets, its churches, the canals (a boat trip is accessible and it will totally be worth your money), the hidden restaurants ( we ate at the Malasherbes and it was so beautiful and cosy and private that I think a part of me is still there), Choco Story (Bruges’ museum of chocolate – a personal favorite) and anything you can ( I heard the Museum of Beer is also really nice).

HOW TO GET AROUND: on feet. Bruges is a city to be discovered only on feet. You will not believe the architecture and the lifestyle around you, so you’ll want to stop at every 2 m to stare. *Verified by me.
However, you can also go on an organized Sightseeing trip by a small bus. (16 euros/person)




Chocolate and everything that contains chocolate.
Street fries. The Belgian people are crazy about them.
Everything that looks or smells or sounds good. It will probably be more than you expect.



Other tips:

  • Don’t forget that all museums close at 5 and they refuse to sell tickets after 4:15/4:30, so start your day early.

Bruges is one of Belgium’s most beautiful treasures and I hope you’ll see that too!
Don’t forget to check out the Gent guide too! *coming soon


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