Christmas in Budapest, Wien and Sibiu

December 30, 2015

Every two days in December there is this post coming up on my Facebook newsfeed: Europe’s 12 most beautiful Christmas Markets with the description ‘How many of these have you seen?’. Sounds familiar?

Needless to say I am a bit in love with Christmas and everything related to it. Packing boxes of happiness, dolling up the house, listening to the same old, but still charming carols, seeing how faces lit up during the undressing of the presents, eating the traditional Christmas lunch with the entire family, I love everything about Christmas, especially because it makes us value more the time spent with the ones we love.

This year, I wanted to do something different. Probably because it was my last Christmas at home and not just visiting briefly in order to return to uni. I wanted to hold on to this magical spirit of Christmas and to this precious quality time spent with my family, so I asked my folks if they would be willing to do a road trip to Budapest and Wien to see the highly appreciated Christmas Markets.

This was also an opportunity to see more of these two cities which we had seen briefly in the past, so there will be separate posts about them (*the Budapest one is already published and you can read it here).

I have already showed you some photos taken at Bucharest Christmas Market (click here if you haven’t seen them) and if you scroll, you’ll discover more from Budapest, Wien and also Sibiu (which we got the chance to see almost entirely deserted at midnight when we were returning home).



The St. Stephen’s Basilica Market


Christmas Markets were popping everywhere (literally!)


I must get my hands on the Hungarian recipe for mulled wine! It was sooo good!


*stares dreamingly at the screen


when in Wien: strudels, schnitzels and Mozart sweets


my inner child will never get over the obsession of over-decorating if I stare more at this picture


Christmas tastes 101


tip: the Rathaus Christmas Market in Wien is the most expensive of them all, so buy your souvenirs from smaller Markets instead 🙂


one can never get bored while admiring beauty


don’t forget about the heavenly scented kurtoskalacs with nuts!


there are angels everywhere we look. if only we were more attentive…


foggy view of the Natural Sciences Museum


Mysterious Sibiu


of all the cities I’ve seen this December, Sibiu is definitely the most beautifully lit and decorated


I’ll meet you in the dark

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you got what you wanted (happiness, time, love) and I wish you a Happy New Year with blessings and reasons to be joyful!



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