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February Recommendations III

March 6, 2020


Thierry Mugler exhibit at Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Kunsthal constantly manages to create absolutely incredible exhibits and the Thierry Mugler exhibit is no exception. The exhibit wastes no time in introducing people to the designer – the first room is instantly immersing people in Mugler’s early work involving stage costumes. Besides this aspect, I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of iconic items they have gathered. I must have spent at least 25 minutes in total just gasping at the craft behind the pieces. The expo will move In March-April to Munich, so if you want to see you can catch it there.

1917 and 1917 Explained: How and Why They Did One Shot – The Take

I have absolutely loved this analysis of 1917! Obviously, the movie itself is a technical masterpiece – a rare immersive experience. I almost forgot to breathe during the movie because I felt it so intensively, but this is proof that it is definitely worth watching.

American Factory

This documentary shouldn’t have shocked me, but somehow it did. it takes an insider look at an American factory which is reopened by Chinese investors. The whole story made me feel very uneasy due to a lot of reasons I will not list here, but I would still recommend it. And btw, it was created by the production house set up by Michelle and Barack Obama.

Miss Americana

I did not think I would enjoy Taylor Swift’s documentary so much, but I did. And I am glad she made the step of opening up and letting people in her thoughts, her process, and her own issues. Naturally, I became OBSESSED with Only The Young – it’s a really good song.

Parasite – ending explained – The Take

Surprise, surprise – the second The Take video in a Recommendations post! Seriously, I am mesmerized by their video analyses. This one is also very nuanced, going through a lot of the movie’s layers.

Sex Education

Right after the second season dropped on Netflix, it seemed that all my friends had been hard-core fans of the show because everybody was hyping it left and right. So, obviously, I had to watch it to satisfy my curiosity. And I get it now. The topics, the acting, the characters, the aesthetic, the jokes – the combo of everything is a winner.

Burger King ad

In case this campaign has not reached you in February, I decided to list it here as well. I will not spoil it for you (you’ll get this pun after you see the ad), but it’s really good and provocative.The Goop Lab – Cynical reviews

The Goop Lab – Cynical Reviews

I didn’t even attempt to watch The Goop Lab because I don’t want to support in any way pseudo-science that aims to capitalize on gullible people, but I still wanted to know what they talk about in this show. This analysis is great and funny and very important, especially if you have the tendency to believe celebrity sponsored activities and products.

How Bollywood Gave Britney Spears Her Greatest Hit – INSIDER

WOW. I promise you that after watching this video you will never listen to Toxic in the same way. I wish more songs were broken down and analysed like this.


Why I am no longer talking to white people about race – Reni Eddo-Lodge

You may remember that last year I have talked about reading books written by people of colour in order to consciously educate myself about other people’s experiences and on the positive actions I can take. “Why I am no longer talking to white people about race” was my pick for Black History Month and I highly recommend it. I am already thinking I need to re-read it soon for a better second reading.

Is a world without trash possible? – National Geographic

This long read offers hands-on examples of companies and initiatives throughout Europe which tackle the problem of waste. In case you are interested in learning more about circularity, this is the article for you!

Mulan Cinemagraphs – Bustle

In case you ever wondered how would a photo-video crossover look like, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have created the format of cinemagraphs – enchanted moving images. They have recently taken their skills to the next level by working with Disney on a series of promotional cinemagraphs for the new Mulan movie.

Where to go on holiday in 2020: the alternative hotlist – The Guardian

I pondered quite a while if sharing an article about travel destinations is environmentally ethical, but it seems that the staff at the Guardian went through the same conundrum. Here is how they describe this (amazing) travel list: “Our pick of 20 places to visit in 2020 celebrates inspiring conservation and community projects that are making a difference to people and the planet.” Among their picks: Slovenia, Romania, Sri Lanka and Chile. I also saw Bloomberg posted something in the same lines, so I will also leave here the link to the list of 24 best places to travel in 2020 (although Northern Italy may be off the list for a while, sadly).


Sugar and spice, the Hague

This must be one of the cutest shops in the Hague that I have ever seen. The product selection is beautiful, the owner is very nice and warm, and they cater the widest assortment of Le Petit Marseillais products I ever stumbled upon.


Zest podcast

Sorry, this is only for Romanian speakers 🙁

It’s a really nice discovery for me and naturally, I had an obsession with it for the past weeks – listening to 2 episodes every Sunday while cooking 🙂 The guest list is really impressive, so do check it out.

As you can see, February was an amazing month for content and new discoveries. For March I am planning on reading way more and focus only on some good series, so let’s see what I manage to get done by the end of the month 🙂

Happy Spring!

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