Gent diary, guide and virtual tour

September 23, 2015

Hey everybody!

If you love Bruges, but you are looking for something less touristy, then Gent is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Small checklist:

  • canals
  • small narrow streets with chocolate shops
  • gorgeous architecture
  • quiet and remote places
  • local culture

HOW TO GET THERE: the train from Brussels is a good solution. It takes around 40 minutes and it costs 10 euro/person [September 2015].
WHERE TO STAY: Gent is a great place to visit from 10 to 7 in the evening and I think that is enough if you don’t want to explore all of it, therefore booking a room shouldn’t be necessary. However, if your stay is longer, there are some really nice hotels around the centre and also some youth hostels.

HOW TO GET AROUND: by tram. To reach faster the city centre from the St pieter railway station, I recommend you take the tram for 3€ (tram nr. 1)
Also, if you want to go further than the centre, the tram is a very good solution.


A boat trip is a must!


Gent’s aesthetics are on point


when can I move?


never wanted a boat. until now

WHAT TO SEE: take a boat tour on the canals and you’ll see most of what Gent has to offer. After that, decide what you want to see. There are not a million things to visit, but there sure are a millions things and places to see. Don’t miss out on a local market ( weekend days) where you can taste local food, fruit and specialties.

WHAT TO EAT: if you are a fan of ribs, Gent is a great place for you. Also, don’t miss out the other Belgian goodies that I have previously mentioned in the other two posts – here and here).


an outdoor cafe or restaurant is a popular choice in Gent


the architecture is mesmerizing!


pretty canals


I have no idea how you should water those plants, but they sure look good!

I have to say that after visiting Brussels, Bruges and Gent, I fell in love with all of them! However, you may perceive things differently, so here is something to help you:
Go to Brussels if you like big and green cities which also offer things to do.
Go to Bruges if you’re looking for a fairytale town. Beware that many people are looking for the same thing too.
Go to Gent if you want to experience the local culture and history, in a less touristic place.


I hope you have enjoyed my Belgian Adventures!

Have a great day!


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