Girls of Summer – part 4

August 30, 2015

Hey everybody!

Here is the final part of my little project showing you types of girls you could meet on the beach. The only criterion was their bag of choice.

After presenting you the Cotton Bag Girl, the Back Pack Girl and the Tiny Rucksack Girl, here is the Classy Beach Bag Girl!


In my opinion, there are two classy beach bags out there: the straw bag (I’m still searching for the perfect one) and the blue bag with nautical-inspired handles.

The latter one I found in Greece and it was instant love! With a super cute pattern and a big enough size, it conquered my heart! After one adjustment, it was ready to be worn! (I had to ask my grandma to add some sort of closing/security system just to be sure my stuff will not represent eye-candy for somebody).

Here are the photos and my vision of the girl who would wear such bag!

The girl I portrayed is always very laid-back, an avid reader and a genuinely open minded person with a joyful attitude. She doesn’t make the most popular choices, but she is very happy and peaceful. She has reached that serenity level we all desire (sigh).





I hope you liked this series of posts!

Have a great day and a superb week ahead!


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