Going back to Wien

January 3, 2016

It was ‘Before Sunrise’ which made me love Wien. The chic old trams, the charm of the night over the city, the Opera House, the Museum of Fine Arts; all these images have stuck in my memory, waiting to be compared to the reality. And as usual, reality is better.

This was my third time in Wien, but let’s say that the first can’t be counted as I was only 10 and the second lasted for only 8 hours, so it was actually the first time I was able to see more of it. But I’m sure I’ll go back. I think I left some unfinished business with this city.

Wien is indeed an amazing city, with an architecture that will blow your mind at times.

I have to say that my biggest crush was on the old trams. Which explains why I have taken more than 100 photos of them. *oups


So, if your feet happen to take you to Wien, you should see the Schonbrunn Palace ( including the zoo and the Tropical Garden),  the Belvedere Palace (if you’re into art) and the Hofburg Palace (if you are into royal matters). You should pay a visit to Demel if you have a sweet tooth (apparently, Sissi’s favourite cakes were produced by this pastry heaven) and if you love any kind of museums, you should definitely go to the National History Museum (its Anthropology section is amazing). Also, if you are tired of seeing the same ol’ things in every city, go to the Hundertwasser House to be amazed of how many styles can coexist in the same place.


I’ll leave you now with the photos! 🙂



Schonbrunn Palace


the Lush and Luxurious Gardens of the Schonbrunn


Hundertwasser House


Red Gate – somewhere around the Museums District


there is something so old-fashioned about their trams


magic happens only at night


the Opera House


chasing you

I wish you a Truly, Madly Happy New Year!

Cheers to new adventures!


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