Gone Girl

November 3, 2014

I am leaving to find a better world.

I’m leaving to discover what is left from the human side of the soul.

I’m leaving to escape this world where there is massive deforestation and where we no longer care about Mother Nature and where we constantly act like there would be a backup plan. And don’t tell me about the Moon or Mars. Currently, these are just some probable scenarios for the future. We have no certainty right now, however we sure act like we do.

This is not a Be Right Back message, because the search for such a world would be endless if we do not start changing something immediately.

Recycle. Use your notebooks until their last page . Invest in e-books, not in printed books. Print only the necessary. Borrow and lend books. . Get an app as dictionary, not a 1000 pages real one. Invest two hours of your life in events where trees are planted. Make it a family tradition. Start buying second hand if you really need a book. It can save the life of one tree!

Make a change by saving the forest of our planet! Needless to say that your kids will thank you for this!

And remember, even if you consider your impact small, more small initiatives lead to a major positive effect!

I hope I left you thinking!

Have a great day!


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