Heidelberg diary, guide and virtual tour

February 22, 2015

We visited the small German city on a very sunny February day and we just wandered around the old center. I really wanted to see their library ( and it is stunning, you will see), although the interior is more modern and not so impressive. Also, we wanted to get to see some parts of the university of Heidelberg, which is one of the oldest in Europe ( founded in 1386 – shocker, I know ) and so we discovered the Alte Aula ( the room for ceremonies – still in use), which is one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen.

The city is definitely worth a visit if you want to invest well your time in Southern Germany.

I hope the photos will convince you of that 🙂






Humans of Heidelberg sort of story:

We were about to climb the stairs to get to Alte Aula. A senior woman said to us from behind: ‘Where are you going?’ ‘We would like to see the Aula.’ we responded. ‘We like to sell tickets.’ she kindly said to us while smiling. I thought: ‘We like to buy tickets too!’ – it was such a nice way to politely tell us that the entrance was no free. We asked her for how long has she been working for the University. ‘Oh, not for long. 10 years. But it is a temporary job.’ After this, she chuckled. She was retired and this was perhaps her last job. However, she had such a great and positive attitude towards life!








Have a great day!




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