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Hidden German treasures

February 26, 2015

Hey everybody!

For today I have prepared an enchanted story, which I hope you’ll like! 🙂
Come, sit down and enjoy!

So, if you ever find yourself wondering around the Black Forest in Germany, you must stop in Glatt, a magical old village which is very well hidden in a small valley.


If you are lucky enough to find it, I will tell you a secret: there, in Glatt, near the ancient castle surrounded by water, you shall find a door.
Above that door it is written cursively: ‘Cafe im Schloss’.


It is the Queen of all Cafes you have ever been to. People from many lands drive on Sunday to this valley only for this cafe.
Open the heavy wooden door and turn right.
You are now surrounded by chic tables and vintage chairs, a combination which makes you think you are a guest at a royal dinner.
Now go up the stairs. Marvel at the chandelier.
On your left, there is a glass window with the world’s best cakes and tarts.
Beware, drooling is not permitted.
Try and find a table. The best hour to do so is before 2 p.m. as after 3 p.m. it can get really crowded, especially during weekend days.


Now order. Please try to decide for just one type of cake as the slice you are about to receive can surprise any grandma. It is enormous in a very Gulliver way.
I suggest you order their special hot chocolate, with homemade whipped cream. It will melt in your mouth, I assure you.

Before receiving your order, search for the last flight of stairs.
They lead to an impressive collection of royal costumes, cutlery, jewelry and dolls.
You will not be disappointed.
Now hurry up, your cake has arrived!


You have the right to remain stunned.
Take as many pictures as you like.
Try to whisper to yourself brave words: ‘you can do it!’, ‘you can eat all of this!’.
Now take your dessert fork and dig in.
You will remember all your life these moments of pure pleasure.
You can moan, sing of joy and even say ‘Oh God, Oh God’ for as many times as you want.
Now you really understand that one lyric in one of Ellie Goulding’s songs: ‘Goodness Gracious, I can’t seem to stop!’.

Try the cakes ordered by your friends.
Switch plates and delight your senses.


Pat your belly. It is full by now, but that steamy hot chocolate still waits to be drank.
Put some whipped cream on top of it.
Eat the rest of the cream all by yourself. You deserve such treat.


After a couple of minutes, you feel the need to capitulate.
You are probably one of few people ever to happily give up.
Indulge few more minutes in that treasure of a cafe before paying the bill and exiting.

You are now on cloud nine.
Definitely fatter, but oh-so-happy!

Cafe im Schloss

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