How can Instagram improve your life

September 5, 2015

Hey everybody!

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite topics: Instagram.

There are big chances you are already on Instagram. But are you maximizing your time invested in the app?
Here are 5 ways Instagram can improve many aspects of your life

1. You’ll take better photos in less than a year
By following the right people, you see what they add in their composition, where they place the subject, the darkness they prefer and how they take photos without messing up the perspective. It might take a while for you to understand every aspect of photography, but if you start following  photographers, artists, photojournalists and even accounts of websites or magazines, you will start understanding how to make the most out of your photo.

If you find out you enjoy taking photos, don’t hesitate and try to learn more on your own or by going to a class!

Beware of the Monkey-See, Monkey-Do effect. You don’t want to be like everyone else. Find a way to insert your personality into what and how you photograph. Make your captions unique. Make them funny or witty or ironical. Also, make your photos stand out by being different or weird or all black.

Tip: unfollow people who do not bring value into your life. Enough with the selfies and with the almost nude photos. It’s ephemere fame.
2. You’ll discover amazing places
Not only you’ll discover new places around your town, but you’ll also find out more about places abroad! You’ll be able to travel to any given place directly from your sofa!

3. You’ll have more friends
Instagram is a great and positive community with which you’ll be able to interact very easily! Leaving comments is probably the easiest way to start a dialogue with somebody, while also appreciating sincerely his/her work.

Tip: Start following your local @ig_ to connect with the best Instagrammers from your area!

4. You’ll be more creative
After a while of posting content on Instagram, you’ll notice that your photos could be better and you’ll try to find better surroundings for your images or you’ll start directing shots. Unleash your creativity and don’t think about how others will perceive your work. That’s not important! What matters is that you like what you create!
Tip: don’t try to direct too much. Your photos will look too unnatural and too staged. Leave room for natural moments!

5. You’ll be able to find great opportunities on Instagram

(Aka jobs, collaborations, internships, contests, giveaways and so much more!)
Seriously. I’ve seen posts on Instagram about being an intern for Adam Gallagher or for Studio DIY. How cool is that?!
Also, I did win a tablet after uploading a photo for a contest, so that shows just how easy it became to win something.

So get out there and start benefiting from Instagram!

Have a great day!


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