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March Recommendations

April 2, 2018

When looking back, March seems to have gone by so fast that I couldn’t remember even reading or watching anything worth sharing with you. However, at a second glance, I made up a way longer list than what I was expecting:


Atlas of Beauty by Mihaela Noroc

Mihaela Noroc has been traveling the world in order to capture with her camera the many different shapes beauty takes in women. Her new book is a superb depiction of how beauty is not only on the outside and how more likely, our stories are the ones which make us shine. You can read more about her world-renowned project by having a look at her website.



Museum of Little Paris, Bucharest

I wanted to keep this magical place for myself, but my desire to help push local brands eventually won. Probably the most charming apartment in the Old City Centre of Bucharest, this photo studio turned into an antiquities-lover heaven is now on its way to becoming a little museum portraying how Bucharest used to look back when it was called The Little Paris.

Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam

This is the first building in Amsterdam that the architect Pierre Cuypers brought to life. If his name does not ring a bell to you, maybe the names of Rijksmuseum and Centraal Station can shed some light of who was this fantastic visionary. The Church serves as an office building, civil marriage location and once a month, it is open to the public (every third weekend).

Museum of Senses, Bucharest

After seeing many photos online from this new unconventional museum, I had to see it for myself. It’s definitely a fun place to discover more about optical illusions and how our mind tricks us into seeing what is most comforting to see. Great place to go to, especially if you want to teach your siblings or kids more about physics and not only.



12 Things That Wouldn’t Exist Without Women

Beer, WiFi, hairbrushes – just few things that we have to thank women for! Since March was the unofficial Women’s Month, I thought this was a nice article to polish our knowledge on the ingenuity of women!

10 questions to ask your mother

One night while I was at home I asked my mom these questions and it lead to all sorts of discussions about people who inspire us, sad childhood memories, motherhood and more. I think it’s a great starting point for a more profound conversation with your mother and even with your grandmothers.

Guys, Can We Stop Calling Everyone “Guys” Already?

You might say we have more pressing issues to solve, but I think all progress is made due to baby steps. Replacing the word “guys” for a more gender neutral one is one of these steps.

After reading the article linked in this section’s title, you can read this to hear Alice Walker talk more about erasing femininity and to find out what are some of the alternatives for “guys”.



25 apps to make your life easier

Even though this article is a bit old, I still discovered some great apps in it, including Think Dirty (label scanner for identifying harmful ingredients in your food or daily products) and Trello (best task organizer).

10 soothing tech tools to keep you happy at work

Another great article with apps you can use to make your life easier and happier – this one comes from TQ, one place you’ll hear me reference over and over again (and no wonder, since I work there as well!). I’m thinking of starting tracking my mood with Moodnotes, has anyone of you tried it?



Call me by your name

In March, I started catching up with the movies nominated and awarded at the Oscars and while I am still nowhere finished, I do have one big favourite (except Loving Vincent, which I raved about in another one of my monthly recommendations) and that is Call me by your name. I loved the story, the shooting locations, the surreal colors and the superb soundtrack. It’s a nostalgic bit of time preserved by a 35mm camera. If you already saw the movie and liked it, here are three video essays about it: one is about the ending (spoiler alert!), another one is about the seductive atmosphere Guadagnino created and the last one is about the movies which influenced Call me by your name. Also, this artist combined scenes from Call me by your name and Monet paintings and the results are absolutely stunning.



Bad News

This online game was created with the purpose of teaching people how easy it is to spread fake news and to build a pseudo-trustworthy reputation. It’s truly alarming that it’s getting increasingly harder to distinguish between genuine and fake news and this little game shows that the future we’re facing could be very gray if we don’t fact check more and if we don’t raise more awareness on the topic of manipulative lies.


I re-discovered this online game when I was looking for a quick remedy to feel creative (background story: I feel very creative a lot of the time when I am being put in an unknown situation and I have to come up with ways to solve issues). This game places you randomly somewhere in the world based on Google Maps and asks you to guess where you are. You have to look for street signs, vegetation, driving style (left, right side of the road), types of houses and so on and so the process of gathering clues stimulates your mind to look for more and more ways of finding out faster where’s the place.


Happy April!


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