My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest

December 28, 2015

Budapest is one of these cities which you start loving progressively.

Compared to a woman, the first time you’ll see her, you would say ‘yeah, I guess she is nice’. Then, you go out on a date together at a restaurant overseeing the Danube: ‘I think I underestimated her. She’s something’. Then, while strolling hand-in-hand at the Fishermen’s Bastion, it strikes you: ‘I was such a fool. Everything seems better with her around’.

Budapest is definitely something.
It doesn’t take you long to see why George Ezra dedicated a song to it after you go up the Gellert Hill at night and the city opens itself to you, spreading its bridge legs in front of you.

If you go deeper in Budapest, you’ll discover hidden treasures, like the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Parliament and the Old Buda Castle, three places that will leave a sweet taste in your mouth, after impressing you with their astonishingly beautiful curves and edges.

In the end, your sadomasochist will conquer your rational spirit and you’ll want to be part of the city forever.
And that’s how you’ll be named: the Chain Bridge.


taxi ride


view from St. Stephen’s Basilica


details at Matthias’ Church


chic trams


blurry Parliament House in the background




if you get the chance, go to a concert at St. Stephens Basilica


most intricate roofs


view from the FIshermen’s Bastion


you just gonna ignite the light / and let it shine

I hope you liked this post (even if it’s quite different from what I usually do)!

Have a great day and never stop glowing from the inside!




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