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October Recommendations II

November 3, 2018

In an extremely fortunate turn of events, after feeling that September was longer than just four weeks, October managed to feel like a month and half as well. This either means that my time machine device works or that I have become more productive and organized since I am getting so much done. Yeah, it’s probably the time machine 😉

Here is what I have loved reading, watching, listening and experiencing this month. If by the end of this article you opened dozens of tabs and you are feeling inspired to test out on your own what I have shared below, please take few seconds and give this article a share: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WeChat or even in a good ol’ email to a friend you think might like this article. It would help me a lot!



Everything I know about love – Dolly Alderton

I laughed. I cried. I clutched the book tight to my chest. I re-read my favourite paragraphs. I took pictures of my favourite pages. I laughed some more, while in the train next to dozens of uber silent people. No shame though because this book was worth all the looks I got. Since there are too many things to say about, I’ll resume myself to say that Dolly writes fantastically well and relatable about friendship, family, womanhood, loss of close people, youth, university years, dating and much more. If my friends receive this gift from me for Christmas, I hope they act surprised.

The 24h wine expert – Jancis Robinson

One of my wishes for 2018 and also for 2019 was to learn more about wines. And while tasting is one way to learn about them, I also wanted to improve my theoretical knowledge about oenology (my inner nerd is way too excited to use this word). This short book definitely helped me out with some base knowledge, while also leaving me wanting to know more, which is what I think any good book should do. It also made me curious to read more labels at the wine aisle or local wine shop to see if I can recognize abbreviations and grape variety. Definitely a nice gift for wine lovers in the early stages of wine knowledge.

La délicatesse – David Foekinos

After I came back from France last month, I decided I want to read more books in French in order to maintain my level of understanding the language. And I am starting to feel a little mad at myself for not having done this sooner. Considering two French books cost me only 6 euros each, I should have switched to reading in French a long time ago! Budget-jokes aside, (beware, nerd moment coming through) I forgot how exciting and mind-expanding it is not to know all the words in a book – and this made me engage more with the story and truly pay close attention. Regarding the book, I found it beautiful, fragile, fun, sad, and yes, delicate and it definitely made me want to watch the movie adaptation with Audrey Tautou.


The Goods – a VOX series

The “What Happens When Nature Goes Viral” episode certainly highlights important issues which should be up for debate nowadays and the episode about olfactive marketing was super interesting and relevant, especially as an example for brick and mortar retail differentiation. Really looking forward to seeing what new videos they add to this series.

This Prop Master’s Work Is Hidden in Plain Sight – Great Big Story

By now you probably know I love movies and I can’t even express how happy I am to see the crews behind the scenes of movie productions get more credit. From Foley artists to stuntmen and women and now prop masters, this video shows the creation process of essential movie props often glossed over by the public – a newspaper, a letter, a pile of old books and so on.

If educational videos were filmed like music videos – Tom Scott

This one doesn’t need extra introductions, it’s a well spent time for a hilarious and sort of educational mix which somehow ends up sounding like a video from The School of Life, but I will let you be the judge of that.

How Disney writes a villain song – Polyphonic

In case you needed a further reminder that you should rewatch your childhood movies with a new adult perspective, this video might convince you to pay attention not only to the romantic development of events, but also to the darker songs of the antagonists. As always, I cannot avoid mentioning ScreenPrism, especially considering they posted a fantastic video essay about Disney as well, this time about the magical objects in Disney stories.

James Veitch Is A Terrible Roommate

Please watch this video if you need a good laugh. Please watch this video even if you are already in a good mood. I think this video has the magical powers of improving any day, no matter how horrible it is. That is, unless you have a flatmate as horrific as James. It’s a video from 2017 and already very popular and I somehow only stumbled across it just now, so I am sharing this for everyone who wants a good laugh and hasn’t seen it already.



Bookstor – the Hague

Maybe it’s good I do not live in the Hague, because I am pretty sure the staff of this place would have a really bad time trying to convince me each night to finally go back to my apartment. This is how amazing this place is and how much it feels like home. Buy a book, cozy up with a cup of coffee and get some work/reading done. This is the perfect daily scenario I am picturing in my head whenever I think of the Bookstor.

Le temps retrouvé – Amsterdam

As I have already mentioned my newfound love for French books, it was only appropriate to tell you where I have gotten them. It is this marvelous little French bookstore (the only one in town!) in a canal house on Keizersgracht. Absolutely lovely and a good selection for a starting addiction of French classics and contemporary works.

Foodware – Amsterdam

I recently had dinner at Foodware and I can definitely say now that it was perfect. My quiche was delicious, my companion spoke impeccable French (I sense a pattern) and strolling on the canals that evening cannot be better described than as the zenith of Indian summer in October. What can I say, I love solo-dates with a book.



A Star is Born

I absolutely loved this movie, and as most people who have watched it, I became obsessed with the soundtrack! I also realized that I had no clue this was a remake until I came home from the cinema and read a couple of reviews and watched two video essays comparing the different versions. So now I have even more movies added to my endless list!

Salt Fat Acid Heat 

Yes, I started watching some Netflix shows. No, I am not yet addicted. But I did want to watch this series as fast as possible (watched it during two nights, so I didn’t severely misbehave) because I could tell from the very beginning that it was going to be amazing! It made me hungry, it made me curious, it made laugh and it made me share the joy that Samin Nosrat spreads whenever she discovers an interesting ingredient or cooking technique. Combining history, culinary lessons, bit of geography, anthropology and one of the most charismatic and authentic hosts, you must watch this show if you love food.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

How come no one told me about this show? It has so many elements I love! Amy-Sherman Palladino as a creator (hello, Gilmore Girls memories), amazing wardrobes (set in the ’50), great acting (four Emmys already!) and absolutely delicious sense of humour! I already marked in my calendar the release of the second season (5th of December) because I have a feeling it is going to be really good.



The High Low

After finishing Dolly Alderton’s book, I obviously had to look for more content created by her, so I have discovered the podcast she is co-hosting with Pandora Sykes. It is a news digest which includes everything from social and political events to pop culture and more trivial conversation starters. These two ladies have lots of wit and intelligence, so I can totally see how their episodes manage to make it to the most downloaded tops all the time!

This is Success – Business Insider

I recently discovered this podcast on LinkedIn and it is slowly, but steadily turning into one of my favourites. I first started with the entrepreneurs and the businesses I knew about and I am now moving onto learning about new people. I loved finding out more about Warby Parker and the way the company was set up, I found the discussion about Reid Hoffman’s professional trajectory super interesting and I learned more about the founding story of Dropbox, each in about 30 minutes.

I have also listened to the first episode of Deliciously Ella Podcast and one from Book Cheat (The Picture of Dorian Gray episode) and I really enjoyed them, so you might want to give them a try as well 🙂



Bon Entendeur app

In case the theme of October was not already super clear: I deep dived into French content!!! This app has a new mixtape released every week and I could totally see them act as background music during a night in with friends. The mixtapes are based on original songs, remastered pieces, samples of movies and old works of music. It’s something I love and didn’t even know I needed in my life.

P.S. I also wrote a poem recently, after struggling with the thought of possibly moving again (for a master), the uncertainty of the next years and the bitter-sweet taste of life right now. You can find it in the caption of this picture.


Would love to hear what you read and watched in October, so feel free to share any good things you would recommend!


Have a great November!


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