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November 3, 2017

Hello, there!

If you have been following my #MakeFacebookGreatAgain project, you are already familiar with some of my latest recommendations. Here is the full list of things I liked in October and would like to pass on:



Few weeks ago I saw on Instagram the image below and I immediately stopped scrolling. It was so compelling, painful and inspiring at the same time that I knew I had to learn more about it. I discovered it was made by ONE, an organization which aims at ending extreme poverty and preventable diseases. More recently, Bill Gates shared a geography quiz on Facebook and to my surprise, I realized that it was also part of ONE’s campaign. I won’t spill out more beans about it, so you’ll have to check out the quiz by yourself. I hope it will change something in the way you see the world.




TED Talks – The official TED guide to public speaking by Chris Anderson

I have been fascinated by TED events for almost four years and after attending a TEDx event in Amsterdam, I decided I wanted to deepen my understanding of public speaking. The book was full of great advice, numerous references to amazing talks and a series of details I didn’t read anywhere else. One of the best parts? The fact that all referenced videos are linked here and that below each one there is a short text with the reason it was mentioned in the book. How cool is that?

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

Is there anyone not fascinated by Elon Musk?! While this book has been on my reading list for quite a while, only recently I have come to finish it and I must say, I am impressed. Definitely recommend this book for everyone who wants to get a bigger picture of PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity and so much more.

All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai

One of the most captivating books I read in the last period, “All Our Wrong Todays” tapped into my soft spot for time traveling (I blame all those Rachel McAdams movies) and technology. I would recommend reading the original version since I made the mistake to read the Romanian one and it had quite too many typos to thoroughly enjoy it.



Business of Fashion for students

If you are into fashion, business or both, you are probably very familiar with this website. However, you may also know that once you reach a certain limit of read articles per month, you are obliged to subscribe to BoF professional, which is an extra expense for students. The trick I discovered this month is that there is a special student-only membership you can apply for which is supported by Topshop, so you can enjoy member-exclusive content for free. YAY and Bravo to both companies for this initiative!



Raïnaraï, Amsterdam

I discovered this restaurant simply because it was decorated with amazingly-looking vegetable and fruit, but the smell of food coming from inside was what convinced me to go in. Amazing choice if you are a fan of North African cuisine!

Basilico, Amsterdam

Wonderful cure for homesickness (although maybe it’s actually home-food-sickness since I am not Italian), this restaurant and grocery store have some of the best cannolis I have eaten outside Italy.

Bite, Bucharest

Probably on all hot lists right now, Bite is a super cozy restaurant with light and delicious food, great environment and the wallpaper of the moment: green leaves.

Pensiunea Samedru, Măgura

As I was in Romania for four days in October and I urgently needed to escape urban landscapes, we headed out to the mountains and went all the way to this guesthouse and restaurant. Enjoying some brief, sunny and tranquil moments here was more than I could have hoped for.



While reading this book about Swedish culture, I found out that Fjällräven, a super popular brand of backpacks, has created Re-Kånken, a product made out of 95% recycled materials and as I am always interested in ways we can live more sustainably, I was instantly won over. Click here for the full post.

Of course, as a true bookworm, I wanted to share with you this article about world’s most beautiful modern libraries. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

And finally, although you may have seen it on Instagram, I wanted to post it here as well: one of my latest micro-poems.

you are autumn
you are kind
you are all I have in mind
— the message you never press ‘send’
sweet and sour

Enjoy November!


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