In the heart of the Carpathians

October 31, 2015

Do you ever feel like running away? Do you think escapism is good?

I am still thinking about the answers to these questions. I guess we like running away and going to beautiful places to forget the unpleasant aspects of our reality and this sort of makes us cowards for not fully accepting the life we created for ourselves. Although, after analysing a bit my life, I realized I am very content with all my decisions and with everything I wanted in my life (such as friendships, hobbies and so on), however, I tend to have a problem with things that are forced on me and which I cannot refuse (for example, going through a school curriculum which is not at all offering me what I need – a proper and profound education, but that’s a totally different topic). So, we run away because we dislike not being in charge of everything in our life, hence our unhappiness.


‘Life is at its peak when you are on the road.’

I don’t know about you, but I feel amazing when I’m on the road. I feel I’m untouchable when the landscapes unfold rapidly around me. Whenever we travel, we seem to be in a parallel universe, where time is an irrelevant concept. Whenever I’m on the road, I finally feel that I’m living the true and simple life. There’s nothing complex about traveling and maybe that’s the reason we like it so much. You can sleep anywhere, you can eat the goods of the nature while you are exploring some woods and you can breathe the air your lungs need so much. Life is at its peak when you are on the road.


Our latest escape was last week, when we decided a trip to the mountains will do us good. And it did, indeed.

Here are few photos I took during the little time spent there, in the heart of the Carpathians.





In the heart of the Carpathians there was once a beautiful castle…

…gorgeous princesses and charming princes would sometimes gather there for massive feasts…









Have a great November, everybody!

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