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Stand up paddling in the Ionian Sea

August 15, 2016

I was trying to stand up. I knew I could. The previous time I did it, I found my balance instantly. Now, I was hesitating. My knees were shaking and I could not get a grip on them. I looked around and I saw that others had already succeeded.

I couldn’t seem to find my place. Wherever I put my right feet, a cramp was immediately striking me. I tried to ignore it and proceeded to stand up although it was uncomfortable and moreover, painful. Of course, my right foot complained about my reckless decision by losing all its stability. And as a result, I fell into the sea and gulped a big mouth of salty water. Not really delicious.

While trying to get my paddle back I realized I should have remained seated on my knees and resolve my foot issue. Right after I managed to climb on top of the board again I could feel my foot had calmed. I tried to stand up one more time, with a different level of confidence. I wasn’t proud of my falling moment, but I tried to concentrate on the present, which required my entire attention.

After that incident, I finally found my pace. Slowly, but steady, I was making progress. The others were very far ahead, but for me, my own situation became more important. I focused on my breathing, on my paddling and on my balance and I successfully stood up for the next hour. The satisfaction was spreading through all my body and I have to admit, it was amazing to finally be able to relax and savor the views.

Of course, I am talking about stand up paddling ( or SUP if you prefer the acronym), an activity which taught me many things, such as:

  • Different people have different paces – This is why some people get successful at 25 and some at 45.
  • Checking the competition can actually distract and slow you down from your path.
  • Issues have to be taken care of. Nothing is solved by ignorance.
  • Peace comes with balance. Everything gets better after finding these.
  • You are in charge of your own happiness. So enjoy the moment and let others worry.

I hope I’ll able to post more about my summer travels in the upcoming weeks, so see you soon! 🙂


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