Sunny Saturday

July 22, 2015

Hey everybody!

I am back with an outfit post (yeah, I know I haven’t posted such thing since JFK was running for president) and I promise to try to post more outfits in the following months. *fingers crossed!

This is not your usual summer outfit (meaning it does not contain shorts as big as a bikini bottom and a teeny tiny crop top with flip flops). No, this is something for people who:
1. do not feel the many degrees outside which make every road turn into a melting ice-cream
2. are pretty crazy (obviously because of 1.)
3. would wear boot cut jeans in the middle of July just because they can (also, why the heck wait until late September to wear such outfit when you can wear it now?! totally logical. duh.)

Here it is!



Also, I want to publicly say ‘thank you’ to two of my best friends for taking photos of me anytime, anywhere and as many as I want. #ForeverThankful



Have a great day!




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