The art of slow living

October 2, 2014

Here is a post with bits of wisdom that I have gathered in my long existence. I hope you’ll enjoy it and maybe start thinking about living your life differently, in a positive way.


The art of slow living means taking it all in with your eyes and soul, and then trying to capture that essence in a picture, not the other way.

The art of slow living means making an effort to clear one hour a day for a good lunch, savoured, and not rushed while eating in a standing position, with a gadget in a close range.

The art of slow living means waking up in the weekends of fall, grinding some coffee beans, pulling on a cozy sweater and enjoying a good book, near a fireplace, or a heating spot, for instance.


   The art of slow living means exploring your own city, just like a tourist would. Buy a map, go sightseeing, wander in museums and take the hop on-hop off bus.

The art of slow living means taking a good long bath, totally different from the sleepy morning showers and lighting up some candles, adding some bubble-making gel and simply enjoying that well-deserved moment.

The art of slow living means baking a cake with your mom, while telling stories that never seem to get boring or less funny.


   The art of slow living means buying a travel guide once in awhile, listening to local not-so-well-known songs and becoming an armchair traveler, meaning a day-dreamer who likes to see a bit of the world each day.

The art of slow living means printing some photos and sticking them into a scrapbook, just like in good old times.

The art of slow living means going to the cinema, not just to watch the movie, but also the commercials. Stop being angry for watching some commercials, and start being thankful for having money to go to a film. Some people are not that blessed.


   The art of slow living means finding unique places to be your own meditation and relaxing spots.

The art of slow living means watching your favorite reruns from your fluffy, warm bed, once in a while.

The art of slow living means having a habit of going out with your very best friends once a week, and inspiring each other to become better and better.


   The art of slow living means planting an olive or citrus tree (or any kind of tree you want) and watching it grow.

The art of slow living means napping while listening to the soundtracks of your favorite movies.

The art of slow living is disconnecting  now and then and driving a car into the middle of nowhere, just picnicking and cloud-watching.


   The art of slow living means taking time for yourself, for your own happiness and for your soul.


I hope you all have a great, positive day!




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