The constant state of blooming

March 27, 2016

At last. We have finally changed our clocks, watches and phones to the summer hour, which means spring is officially here (ironically since it’s called the ‘summer hour’, isn’t it?).


Time of change

I don’t know about you, but spring makes me want to experience a brand new start. Either if it’s about my lifestyle (for instance, taking a new sports class) or about my approach on how to live life at its best (that is, investing more and more in education rather than in materialistic possessions) –  spring is for me the time of change. It’s a moment when I reevaluate my choices, my purposes and my mentality. It’s that time of the year when I clean everything around me, starting with my closet, desk and working space and ending with my own cluttered mind.

Beside all these changes that spring triggers, there is also something else. Provoked by the feeling that you are surrounded only by blossoming trees and new fresh flowers, the need for you to bloom as well finds itself back into your mind.

You start wishing to be more, to know more and to have a greater impact on the world around you. You lust for knowledge and you start wondering what is your reason for being on this planet. You make plans to become a better self, to be in a constant state of blooming.

Perhaps we should all blossom like the trees around us: wildly, yearly and carelessly. Your evolution shouldn’t stop at high school or university; it should go beyond that – you should burst out every day and every year with knowledge, happiness and kindness.


From theory to practice

OK, let’s say we all agree on the theoretical parts written above. So what about practical matters?

How do you incorporate the get to be a better self daily theory into your quotidian life?

My take on this started with books. After whining I don’t have enough time to read, I started making time. I went on reading the books that I have been wanting to go through since forever in the bus, in the subway, in the checkout line at the supermarket, at the red traffic light, at school, at the doctor’s office and so on. I made a list of reference fiction books, autobiographies of people whom I admire, science works that sparked so many questions in my mind, traveling guides and self-development books, alternating the genre every time. I cannot express how great it feels to finally understand some of the world’s intricacies and how amazing it is to learn more and more things every single moment. Let yourself be guided by this wild curiosity. It can only take you to high places.

The next thing on my list were films. Fantastic movies and mind boggling documentaries, in fact. Start with history, how things are made, people who changed the world, religion and watch anything that makes you feel intrigued.

And last, but not least, talk with people. Choose them wisely. I am not saying you should only talk with three people, all I am saying is that you should invest your time in people who challenge you, people who are smarter than you and people who have expertise in another domain than yours. These kinds of people will open up your mind so one day you’ll be able to do the same with others.

You’ll see, if you combine the passion for knowledge, valuable human interaction and a deep need for self-improvement, you’ll get to a place where blooming is a natural part of yourself that you will never want to let go of.


Have a beautiful day!


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