The Enchanted Palace

November 22, 2014

Sometimes, words are not enough. At times, we find ourselves completely speechless in front of beauty, no matter in what forms it comes into our sight. It might be a building, it might be somebody’s eyes or words or the hint of a flowery fragrance worn discretely by a rushing woman. The fact is that beauty is all around us and most of the time we miss it because we look for in the wrong places. Beauty is mostly in the things we take for granted or the things we choose to ignore in our hectic daily life, like that museum you always see on the way to school or work, but you’ve never went inside or your old neighbour buying his wife white tulips every single Monday.

Another example of beauty that lays hidden is the Sutu Palace, located in the center of Bucharest. It is the home of the Municipality’s Museum, but for some reason I’ve never went inside, even though I pass near this building weekly. I think I just assumed it was empty inside or not pretty at all or not open for public. Silly assumptions that I should stop making.

Moving on, here are the photos from this gem:






The point is to start living with your eyes widely open. Don’t miss out on marveling at the beauty near you just because you have someplace else to go to. You’re always going to have someplace to go to. So are you going to enjoy the road until that point and fill yourself with beauty or are you going to continue to walk in a straight line with those horse like glasses?



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