The Great What Next

September 27, 2016

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of September is change. And currently, this September is the best example for it. ( I am not going to start a third grade short text on how the colors of the leaves change, so you can breathe out now).

I have recently celebrated my first month living in another country. Which may not seem a big deal, but if you’ve also been through it, you’ll agree with me that it is. Because everything is different now.

I have become my own private chef (and surprisingly, this has been going remarkably well) and a full-time house keeper (which as a matter of fact, I am truly enjoying, because it gives me a decent reason in order to postpone doing an assignment which I am not in the mood for #sneaky). I have also converted myself from a driver to a cyclist (if you’re wondering, yes, Biking is the unofficial religion of the Netherlands) and I am proud to say that since I have been biking and not taking the very-unfriendly-to-my-student-budget public transport (aka the past 28 days), I have reached my 400 km milestone without any falling, bumping or killing myself or others (although I was pretty close to offering some tourists a free ride on my front wheel, but in my defense, they were crossing the bike lane without checking for bikes #rookies). And most importantly, I am now a first year student at University, which makes me wonder when did all those years pass, but let’s not get into that, shall we?

At the same time, for the past few years, September represented the month when I celebrated my time blogging. Which brings me to the topic of my fourth year anniversary as a blogger. (!!! – I have literally no better signs or words for what I’m feeling, thus the use of the exclamation points). However, I can say that although I am not a worldwide known blogger, I am still extremely delighted by all those four years and I feel that as long as this brings me happiness, the other aspects simply fade. Blogging offered me a much needed space for my thoughts and for my creativity, while also generating a considerable amount of joy and relief.

I have currently embarked on a new journey, with a more or less known destination, but I have a feeling that it’s going be something marvelous. And just the thought that so many memorable moments, friendships and opportunities are a heartbeat away, it makes me look forward to every second of this adventure.

Cheers to The Great What Next!


P.S. Did you notice the rainbow in the cover photo?



Reporting (with a huge grin on my face) from Amsterdam,

Yours truly

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