Why I’m not joining Snapchat

July 17, 2015

Hey everybody!

I think you’ve noticed that recently Snapchat has transformed into a ‘real’ social network after being used only for few purposes like sending indecent photos (which could have been print-screened anyway so what was the point of sending them via that app?!)

Nowadays, after many big bloggers and other influential people and companies were convinced to join or decided to join by themselves, Snapchat is more present in our daily lives than ever.

But I am not planning on joining.

Yes, you’ve read correctly.

You will not find me there anytime soon.


Here’s why:

1.  Ephemeral content is not something I desire
I am content-oriented, therefore why should I create content if in few minutes it will be gone?!
I am really trying to create content of good quality so I don’t see the point of struggling to make things that will go MIA in such a short time.
Continuing this idea, I believe that by joining another social network, the only thing I would achieve is the loss of quality. Think about it:

2. The  more social networks you are on, the more effort you have to make to stay tuned with everything and everybody while creating your own content. 

 This will make your work lose quality points because you’ll focus more and more on quantity: you’ll want to post different things on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, photography networks and so on because every website is particular and it has its specific demands. This will lead to an increased focus on quantity rather than on quality, as stated before.
 Moreover, you will get highly dependent on checking out what others are doing: at which new restaurant is that girl checking in? What did that hot guy post on Instagram lately? How did that girl film that party so well for Snapchat?

Result: you’ll focus more on others than on you. This leads to…

3. I really want to live my life at its fullest

How will I ever be able to enjoy every second of my life if I am filming (or photographing) something for Snapchat every minute?
We already rely too much on our phones; why would I want to accentuate even more this effect by creating an account for this app?
I truly do not wish to go somewhere with my friends and miss all the possible fun we could be getting just because we would be too preoccupied with one more social network.
Facebook and Instagram are already taking loads of my time.

Therefore, as I valuate and appreciate my free time, I will not be joining the Snapchat mania and I do it for my own sake.


P.S. Personal observation: Taking into consideration the fact that we are already one of the most narcissistic generations until now, Snapchat makes it more about us too:


hey, here’s a selfie with my new make-up palette/

hey, here are my ama-ziiing concert tickets to Robbie Williams/

hey, this is my new Guess bag! yay me!/

hey, look at my handsome boyfriend randomly making pancakes!/

hey, here is just another photo of my beautiful face!


SEE? me-my-mine = Snapchat = desperate sought attention (with extremely few exceptions)

Advice: keep your personal life personal and stop looking for confirmation around you. You’ll suddenly have more time for yourself and for truly enjoying your life.

Of course, this is my point of view, but I’ll like to hear yours too! 😉

Stay tuned for a lovely post from Greece!

Have a great day!


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